Top 10 Jobs in Indian Army

Career in Indian Army
Job 1- Soldier (general duty)
You can join into Arms or Services. In Arms you could join the Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, Engineers or Army Air Defence (AAD) as fighting troops, drivers, operators, gunners etc and many other General Duties. In Services you could be enrolled into Army Service Corps (ASC), Ordnance, Army Medical Corps (AMC) on General Duties, operators, drivers etc.
 Job 2-  Soldier (technical)
Your job- weapons, vehicles, equipment operate and maintaining.
Education Required: Candidates with a science background and aptitude for electrical, mechanical and other technical fields.
 Job 3- Soldier (Clerk / Store Keeper Technical)
The army is a large organisation, there is a requirement of clerical staff to maintain the inventory , carryout documentation of personnel, book keeping and other routine correspondence. Thus there is requirement of candidates conversant in English and Maths/Book Keeping.
Job 4: Soldier(Nursing Assistant, Army Medical corps)
Education: Require dedicated candidates with a science background with Biology to be enrolled as Soldier Nursing Assistant
 Job 5: Soldier (Tradesman)
Jobs- Chef, Hair Dresser, Store Hand, Animal Store Holders, Ferrier, Pioneers, Postal, Steward, Artisan, Equipment repairer, kennel man, washer man, mess keeper and house keeper.
 Job 6: Soldier Nursing Assistant (Veterinary).
 Job 7: Havildar (Survey Automated Cartographer) (Engineers)
 Job 8: Havildar (Education) (Army Education Corps)
 Job 9: Junior Commissioned Officer (Religious Teacher) (All Arms)
 Job 10: Junior Commissioned Officer (Catering) (Army Service Corps)

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